Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inga Dalrymple

Velvet Head 2011 (45x60cm)

Sydney painter Inga Dalrymple's latest exhibition at Sydney's A. M Gallery is a kaleidoscope of intensely emotive colours, abstract patterns and relationship. Viewing her work is an opportunity to sense the synergy between this painter and her practise, the intensity of her love for what she does so well. A prolific, emerging artist, this collection invites you to view her inner world where colours are married to perfection and a patina of contemplative satisfaction seems to imbue each work.

Inga has managed to combine motherhood, a full time teaching career with an active art practise. Her love of painting sustains her and her practise is her creative anchor, solace and inspiration. She is productive and hardworking. Her studio is crammed with projects underway. Interestingly, she paints surrounded by a circular arrangement of paintings which she works at simultaneously, entering into a defined space of creativity and colour where she paints for hours, entranced by the development of each piece. Viewing this exhibition enables one to sense the artist's absorption, the almost meditative, intimate concentration applied through her relationship with colour and form.